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Fast S.r.l., the only "FWN Italy" Brand licensee, was founded in Italy on June 1999 as logistic, Fiscal Representative, Trucking owner, express service and Italian importer / exporter consultant.

Few years later the Company has decided to extend activities to Air & Ocean International service, starting relations with various and qualified worldwide Freight Forwarders. This thanks the privilege of forty-years management experience and awarded by "FWN Network" Italian Franchise exclusive Membership, attested by "FWN Italy" market Brand name.

By the premise that not all customers be the same, FWN Italy commitment is to task extremely personalized and professional service, on time and as much as possible fitting every single customer requirement.

Our Logistic / Freight Forwarding Team come across certified experience skills and will ensure us to achieve, and when possible exceed, all customer and commercial partner expectations.

FWN Italy
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